I was fortunate to spend the most impressionable years of my childhood on a farm. It was a time of great exploration. Nature was my playground, and through the eyes of a child I saw wonder in everything around me, from newborn livestock to swaying fields of wheat. These experiences instilled in me a love for all that was outdoors.

Why Photography?

Decades later that same wonder led me to pick up a camera. The desire to be more than a spectator, to freeze a special moment in time, to capture the glance of an endangered species or the unfolding of a flower.... I believe my photography, in a sense, is an autobiography of my interaction with the earth, what I find beautiful or interesting, what I'm passionate about. An ever-changing collection of my life's experiences.


I have no formal training in photography but that in itself has been a great adventure. Every day is new and exciting with a camera in hand, and I look forward to the continued journey.